Icariin promote maturation of osteoblasts in vitro by an estrogen-independent mechanism

For the epimedium extract icarriin, MIGU mainly produce icariin 5%, icariin 10%, icariin 20% etc. Considering the strong effects of icariin to human health, today the study mainly show Icariin promote maturation of osteoblasts in vitro by an estrogen-independent mechanism. In this experiment, the mainly objective is to testing the estrogenic activity of icariin and genistein which through human breast cancer cell (MCF-7). In this study, researchers mainly use the MCF-7 cell which used phenol Red-free medium ( containing 5% activated carbon adsorption treatment serum CS – FBS) to cultivate for 48 hours. And testing the influence of cultivation of MCF – 7 proliferation in vitro in icariin and genistein by CCK-8 kit and select the best concentration. The cells were treated 12,24,36,48h divided which using best concentrate of icariin and genistein and extracted the RNA, Real-time RT-PCR to testing the gene expression of ERα, ERβ, PS2, and PR were investigated by Real-time RT-PCR.Total protein was also isolated and secretion of ERα, ERβ, PS2, and PR were examined by Western blot.

After that the study get both of the icariin and genistein can promote  the proliferation of MCF-7 evidently, especially in 10 μmol·L-1 concentration. And in this concentration, the genistein result will be more higher than the icariin to the proliferation of MCF-7.  However, the ability of genistein to promote the proliferation of MCF-7 was better than icariin. With the concentration of 10 μmol·L-1,genistein group had a stronger expression of ERα, PS2 and PR mRNA levels than icariin while ERβ expression had no significant difference in two group. The same effects were detected by western blotting.


Then we get the conclusion that both the Icariin and Genistein have effective activity of estrogenic , but the genistein will be higher than icariin in the same concentrate of 10 μmol·L-1. And this study also show that icariin will be more stronger than the genistein in promoting osteoblast differentiation of mature and pharmacological activity of biological mineralization obviously. So we can get the icariin promotes the maturation of osteoblasts in vitro by a estogen-independent mechanism. More Scientific research and development for Icariin promote maturation of osteoblasts  , please check here

Icariin promote maturation of osteoblasts

Icariin promote maturation of osteoblasts

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