Ganoderma triterpene can induce cancer cells apoptosis

Recently years, many scientists experiments found that the Triterpenoids extract from Ganoderma Lucidum can restrain liver cancer effectively . Especially many experiments have been the analysis of “ Interaction between components and cytology”.

Ganoderma lucidum is also named god LingZhiCao,zhiCao,it belongs to Polyporaceae.ganoderma lucidum is originated in east Asia. The most widely distributed ones is insouthern zhejiang,an hui,jilin and shandong,China.As a precious Chinese traditional raw material ganoderma lucidum has a long history with high medicinal value.studies by scientific research after decades showed that ganoderma lucidum can enhance human immunity,regulate blood sugar and blood pressure,help tumor radiation and chemotherapy,protect liver,promote sleep etc.

In 1998, the clinical testing said : Ganoderma lucidum triterpenes can induce cell apoptosis of liver cancer by King’s China Institute and Jiangsu University Medical College. 2003, Medicine professor Ms Lin from TaiWan university make a experiments on Laboratory cultured cell lines to see the anti-cancer effective of Ganoderma . She found : The triterpenoids can significantly induced liver cancer cell apoptosis and restrain the cell enlargement but not influence the normal liver cells.

2005, On the forum of Ganoderma Lucidum and Health Life , Dr Aum (The French academy of sciences,head of the laboratory of university of Paris) show a vision for the processing of How Ganoderma spore oil killed the liver tumor cells to the cancer experts in forum.

Ganoderma triterpene can induce cancer cells apoptosis

Ganoderma triterpene can induce cancer cells apoptosis

It clearly showing Ganoderma strong function to aganist the tumor. 2007 , American scholar SLIVA D and his team research shows : Ganoderma triterpenes substance especially its A, B, C, D and etc can lead to hepatoma cell programmed cell death.

According to experts show:  ” induce apoptosis of cancer cells “ is our common basis to confirm anticancer drugs now. Apoptosis also named  ”programed cell death” which just like leaves of Autumn , A physical phenomenon of normal cell self-regulation. It not only get rid of no-value cells but also remove differentiated cell who can not excessive reproduction and influence the normal physiological function. That is the great significance for founding Ganoderma triterpene can induce cancer cells apoptosis .More Scientific research and development for Ganoderma triterpene can induce cancer cells apoptosis , please check here

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