Icariin 60%

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Icariin 60%

MIGU supplied Horny Goat Weed Extract Icariin 10% 50% 60% 98% and etc with analysis meets the EP, USP, JP, CP.....

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Icariin 60 % 50% 10% 98%  offered by 17 years experienced cGMP manufacturer with warehosues in China 

Latin Name: Epimedium sagittatum
Material Original: ShannXi, GanSu,SiChuan, China
Extracted Part: Branches and leaves
Supported Purity: Icariin 60 %,Icariin 5%~Icariin 98%


What is the Epimedium and its medicinal  using history 

Epimedium also know as Horny Goad Weed or Yin Yang Huo ( Chinese named). Its plant high with 20-60cm,
growing white or light yellow flower in May ~ June , and getting fruit on June ~Sep. It usually grows in Shannxi ,
GanSu, ShanXi, HuBei, SiChuan, China. Because its planted difficulty,most of the plants are getting from wild
growing instead planted base getting. It is a genus of Epimedium sagittatum plant who is the one of particular
species. This is a reputation and welled-known natural plant in Traditional Chinese Medicine and used to be
thousands of years for its significantly aphrodisiac function. Many history in Chinese, the epimedium play an
important role to promote libido , males potency in Chinese medicine.













For more than years study and researching, now epimedium is not only used for enhance libido but also be a
traditional herbs medicine which combined with treating the cervical dysphasia, leucorrhoes, asthma, bronchitis,
congestive heart failure, viral infections of heart and leukopenia and etc. Combined with morinda, epimedium
can cure the women’s menopause.In the Chinese Acadymy of Medial Sciences, the epimedium can have the
function of anti-aging and longevity for human which are certified listed officially.Also more researchers and
studies show that epimedium have the function of  Strong immune system and etc.

Epimedium components and actions in pharmacological

Epimedium contains flavonoids, phytoestrogens, prenylated flavonol glycosides sagittasine A-C, flavonolignans,
2-phenoxychromones, acylated flavonol glycosides and etc ingredients.Its flavonoids include chemical compounds
of icariin, epimedium A, epimedin B, epimedin C and baohuoside licariin which have antioxidant activity. And the
phytoestrogens have the effects of estrogen-like which is eMedTV can treat erectile dysfunction which through
block the body’s particular enzyme activity. The particularly compounds of icariin can promote endothelial nitric
oxide-dependent relaxation of blood vessels, help to enhance the erectile function and treat impotence.

The epimedium can treat and make kidney function invigorating, strengthen tendons, bones, lowering blood
pressure, decreasing muscular spasm, relieving cough and etc.

Epimedium Extract Icariin 60 % Purity Providing by MIGU













Flow chart for Epimedium extract Icariin 60 %processing from MIGU

From 2012, we already cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences to research for artificial planting of
epimedium to save the extract cost.Now all of our material is getting from the wild epimedium from GanSu,China
which they are reputation for high contents of icarrin and we can get high extract ratio to save our producing
cost than other area. Below are our mainly extract processing:


PS: 1.  All of our wild/organic material must be cleaning before extracting
2. The water which is used for extracting is getting deep undergroud filtered water.
3. The solvent of water and acohol must be the Pharmaceutical Grade or food grade.

What ‘s the Icariin 60 %? 

Icarrin is extract from Epimedium which is the most important key active flavonol in the plant. And this active
flavonol is the mainly character and responsible for all of the health benefits of aphrodisiac effective with
epimedium as known. Below we will share more information to show how icarrin work and what’s benefits are
the icarrin taking to our health. Which purity is most functional and effective of icarrin we need to taking.

The Benefits of Icariin 60 % taking and how does it work? 

Revive Low sex drive/Libido 

For icariin is welled known for its siginification effective function for revive low sex drive or libido. The extract
icariin mainly to boost and increase the free-form testosterone levels and make all of ages man can improve
their sex drive after taking it. The icarrin not simples improve the testosterone levels but also improve the
sperm production, enlarge the sperm count , get more benefits for powerful ejaculations for man’s health.
The men who have the problems of hormone level diminishing is mainly for boosting the testosteron level is
most important. This problems influence the couples relationship. But our icariin can help solve this problems.
That’s why the icariin is so important and staple remedy for man’s health and family happiness now.

Erectile Dysfunction/Male Impotence

Icariin have an very important another function which to be an natural PDE5 inhibitor. People who suffering the
problems of erectile dysfunction must heard or known the PDE5 inhibitors named on medically. And now the
PDE5 inhibitors be the solely “blue pill” drug for tearting erectile dysfunction.

PDE5 inhibitor drugs actually is a succefful transmission brige for nitric oxide and make plenty of blood to the
penis. But the PDE5 also makes many side effect on human body. Whatever , people who use this PDE5 inhibitor
drugs can remedy and get a strong erections but get some others problems of human healthy.

Bodybuilding and Athetic Performance

Because the function of icarrin have very effecitve for nitric oxide and testosterone boosting, athletes can reach
the bodybuilding function only need to simply taking the supplement which contains of icarrin.    Why are the icariin
60% is very popular in our athletes and bodybuilders?  The icariin 60% can make the lean muscle increased, the
levels of  stamina and endurance improved, the muscle repair time will be limited, muscle tissue more tense
workout. All of these are make and help the bodybuilders and athletes to get repidly improve increasing than before.

Bone Health  

Recent years, more researchers and scientists make various trail and testing to show  or certified the benefits of
icarrin on bone health. And more testing show us the epimedium extract ingridents icariin flavonols have various
of benefits for different type of bone problems.           On the osteoporosis, our researchers find the icariin have the
ability to repair the and promoth the osteocyte cells to make them healthy growthy and raise the osteogenic activity
and help the bone remodeling.

Other benefits also including:Treatment of memory loss conditions and remedy people who with mild chronic fatigue

Safety and Toxicity of Icariin 60 %

No toxicology studies or clinical toxicity demonstrates that which highest dosage used for us. Although we found the
highest  dosage taking by rats are 200mg/KG bodyweight for 7 days by Icariin.    Once study which trailed on a 66
years old man who suffers the hypomania and tachyarrhythmia taking the horny goat weed supplementation combined
with other pharmaceuticals included statins, viagra, aspirin and beta-blockers. After 2 weeks, the side effects happened
which show the bipolar disorder not otherwise specified prior to  onsent of results.

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