Astragalus Extract

Astragalus Extract

MIGU supplied astragalus extract polysaccharide 50%,60%,70%, 90% and other astragalus extract powder with analysis meets the EP, USP, JP, CP.....

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Astragalus Extract; Astragalus Extract Polysaccharide; Astragalus Polysaccharide  50%, 90% UV and other purity offered by a 16 years experienced cGMP manufacturer with warehosues in China

Latin Name: Astragalus membranaceus (Fisch.) Bge
Material Original: ShannXi, GanSu, China
Extracted Part: Root
Supported Purity: Polysaccharide 50% ~ 90%, 4:1, 10:1, 20:1, 30:1

What is the Astragalus Extract ?
Astragalus ( Chinese name is HuangQi) is a perennial plant belong to the pea family.With high 50-100cm plant.
Mainly grow in China, Mongolia and Korea. In traditional chinese medicine, people usually havested and used
4 years old plant root to a medicine using. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Astragalus have been used from
thousands years ago. Usually it often blend with other herbs as a formulation to strong people health body. It
also have the function of relives stress from physical , mental or emotional , people usually called it the adaptogen.
Today, because of astragalus have the strong function of immune system booster, it has been used wild of cure
or healing various of diseases and illness.











Astragalus extract mainly contrains : saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides these three ingredients to make a positive
effect on people health . For saponin, as we know, it can lower cholesterol, anti-cancer, improve immune.Flavanoids
in the astragalus, it can antioxidative, scavenge free radicals and prevent heart disease, immunodeficiency viruses,
and heart disease. For the Polysaccharids, it have the effective on anitviral, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and etc

The Specification purity of Astragalus Extract from MIGU












MIGU Organic Planted base for Astragalus in GanSu, China 

Astragalus planted required specially weather which not too rain, too hot, so we just choose the Gansu province ,
” the family of Astragalus” which have plenty of desert, not too hot weather which is very suitable Astragalus grow.
It have the deep soil, rich in humus ,permeable strong silty loam in Gansu. Also we are trying to looking for the
wild astragalus, but because of large amount of excavation, wild astragalus become little and protect by Chinese
government. Now we have cooperated with local organic Astragalus planted base which controll carefully the plant
grow from seeds to mature.

In order to guarantee provide factory with high quality material, our planted base management under organic
required and the root which be extracted are used 4 years old mature to guarantee the extract ingredients quality.

Flow chart of Astragalus extract from MIGU 

The Benefits of Astragalus Extract; Astragalus Extract Polysaccharide; Astragalus Polysaccharide from MIGU 

Many illness have been influence and happend by inflammation damage , such as arthritis , heart disease and etc.
The saponins and polysaccharide which contains in Astragalus have been certified and studies they are the mainly
and key to reduce inflammatory bridge to the various of illness and disases. They are also can cure wounds, help
the diabetic kidney disease to reduce the inflammation.

Recent studies and clinical trail have shown that the saponins, polysaccharides and flavonoids of astragalus can be
successful help to reduce or kill tumors. The Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology study certified astragalus have
the potential to revert body’s drug resistance in treating liver cancer except conventional chemotherapy.

Studied have showed the astragalus extract have the effective function to antidiabetic. It is a naturally herbs extract
and help the human body to cure diabetes through relieve insulin resistance. In diabetes type 1 and 2 illness, the
saponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides of astragalus make a effective charactor to treating and regulating. They
can help the body protece the pancreatic beta cells which help body produce and release insulin. In this condition
they can help the body increase insulin and also be the anti-inflammatory of  diabetes symtomes.

The astragalus can be used to treat kidney disease in diabetics which also is a common problems for many years.
For many years studies certified, the astragalus can pretect the renel system through slow down the progress of
kidney problems in diabetics.

Immunity Enhancement 
As well as know, the astragalus most effective funciton is immunity enharcement which is welcome fame. In TCM,
its function of this have been used for thousands of years. A study have showed the astragalus can regulating the
body’s immune responses under controlling the cells 1 and 2 of T-helper. There is no enough studys show all of the
effective and funcitons of astragulas , but various and years of trials and evidence to show that the astragalus can
treat many diseases and illness as an adjunct therapy.

Cardiovascular System Protection  
The flavonoids of Astragalus have the antioxidants which can help to prevent atheromatous plaque formation, narrow
the walls of blood vessers. For the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine study publised that treatment heart
attackes make a big progress and successful which through used injection astragalus combined with conventional
treatment for the viral myocarditis.

As we all know if there is the lack of blood and oxygen supply, the myocardial damage will occur who have heart
problems. Meantime, the secondary damage happend for the calcium overload. The astragalus can help to regulating
calcium steady-state in the heart to prevent and low the secondary heart damage.

Treat Wounds    
The astragalus have been used for treating wounds with thousands of years basic its anti-inflammatory funciton. In long
history of Traditonal Chifnese Medicine,  people used the dried root of astragalus to cure the injured specific organs
and tissues.

In 2012 study, researchers have found the astragaloside IV can let the rates wounds treated recovery reached 2 to 3
times in 48-96 hours ( Institue of Pharmaceutics at ZheJiang University) . From these we can see the astragalus have
effective function in anti-scarring and wond healing.

Antioxidant and Anti-Aging 
We have found many effecitve elements which have strong fight free radical damage and prevent stress oxidant. Many
disease and aging happed are due to the free radicals oxidative damage. The astragalus extract polysaccharide have
the strong function for enhance the immune system and improvement of the function of the brain. Both of them can
antioxiant and make life longtive.

Also the astragalus have treat cold and flu, supplemental therapy for chronic asthma, alleviates symptoms of
chemotherapy and etc . There is some evidence and study show that it can be successfully to treat HIV ,  eczema
inflammation , inhibit herpes simplex virus 1 and etc .

Side effects and Becareful of Astragalus Extract Taking  
There is no evidence to show astragalus have the side effects. But if you are taking other herbs ingredients supplements
or medicine, please ask the doctor before taking. Or lower the dosage in the beginning.

Pregnat women and Child shoud not use astragalus , include people who is are nursing.

Because of the astragalus has the ability to create and improve the immune system, the people who have diseases of
antoimmune shoud ask doctors before taking astragalus. Surely other immune systom problems like sclerosis multiple
and etc should be ask doctors also.

More Scientific research and development of astragalus extract please check here


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