Amygdalin 98 %

Amygdalin 98 %

Amygdalin 98 %.png

MIGU supplied Amygdalin 98% and other standard purity and OEM service with analysis meets the EP, USP, JP, CP.....

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 Amygdalin 98 % offered by 17 years experienced cGMP manufacturer with warehosues in China 

Latin Name: Prunus Armeniaca. L. 
Material Original: Shaanxi, China
Extracted Part: Seed
Supported Purity: Amygdalin 98 %

Amygdalin 98 %.png

What is the Amygdalin 98 %

Amygdalin is a poisonous cyanogenic glycoside found in many plants, but most notably in the seeds
(kernels) of apricot, bitter almonds, apple, peach, and plum. From the 1950, the amygdalin and laetrile
which is its modified form have been used as the alternative cancer treatmens. Often the amygdalin mistake
named the Vitamin B17. But many studies and researching have been certified its different effective in
curing the cancer and potentially toxic or lethal which taking by mounth. Both of laetrile and amygdalin do
not belong or named vitamin.

The Chemical Character of Amygdalin 98 %

Amygdalin is a cyanogenic glycoside derived from the aromatic amino acid phenylalanine.The Amygdalin
offen contains in stone fruit kernels like apricot (8%), bitter almound (5%), plum (2.5%), peach (6%), its
also found in the seeds of apple.  Usually taking out of the fruit, we can get the stone fruit and cracked
the kernels and dried them in the sun. After boiled in ethanol, and specially method in extracting, we
can get the white crystals powder which is high purity of Amygdalin. Natural amygdalin has the R
configuration at the chiral phenyl center.

Amygdalin is hydrolyzed by intestinal β-glucosidase, emulsin, and amygdalase to gentiobiose and
L-mandelonitrile. Gentiobiose is further hydrolyzed to glucose, whereas mandelonitrile is hydrolyzed to
benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide.Hydrogen cyanide in sufficient quantities (allowable daily intake:~0.6 mg)
[citation needed] causes cyanide poisoning (fatal oral dose: 0.6-1.5 mg/KG )[citation needed]. Apricot pits
contain 89-2,170 mg/KG hydrogen cyanide (wet weight).

MIGU ‘s Amygdalin 98 % 
1. Material Guarantee for Amygdalin before Producing
To guarantee the high quality material of Amygdalin, MaxIngreda and its R&D team specially make testing deeply
for different stone fruit kernels purity. And get the high quality with large scale organic planted base Bitter Apricot
kernels in ShannXi province, China. And get the high extracted ratio of Amygdalin and save the producing cost
meantimes guarnatee the high purity.
2. GMP workshop and expericed producing team
With years preparing and reaseaching, MaxIngreda already have high technical for producing the 98% purity of
Amydalin with white crystal powder. Most of them export to North America market and 500kg productivity per month.
3. Production Flow Chart of Amygdalin

extract processing for chaga mushroom extract.png

PS: 1.  All of the wild/organic material must be cleaning before extracting in workshop
2. The water which is used for extracting is getting deep undergroud filtered water.
3. The solvent of water and acohol must be the Pharmaceutical Grade or food grade.
microbialenzyme of  intestine or amygdalase by itself in vivo


Advances in Study on Pharmacological Effects of  Amygdalin 98 %

Treating the cough and asthma

The Amygdalin can be hydrolyzed by microbialenzyme of  intestine or amygdalase by itself in vivo to producing
Trace amounts of hydrocyanic acid and benzaldehyde.Have the inhibitory effect to the respiratory center to get
the function of cough asthma.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesia effective 

Amygdalin decomposition of static benzoin condensation of benzaldehyde generate benzoin enzyme. The benzoin
have the effective of analgesia action

Anti-Tumor Effect 

Here list some study for the Amygdalin anti-tumor active

1) Some researchers show that the cancer cells contains much of Beta-Glucosidase which can product the
hydrocyanic acid (HCN) , benzaldehyde and glucose through hydrolysis of amygalin. Because lacking the sulfur
nitrile enzymes in cancer cells, the   Beta-Glucosidase have  detoxication function to HCN which change the
HCN to be the sulfur nitrile compound without toxic. And the nomal cells who lacking the Beta-Glucosidase will
contains  large amount of sulfur nitrile enzymes. Basic these theory, the amygdalin can selectively Kill Cancer Cells
and harmless to almost normal cells.

2) Amygdalin can help the  trypsin to digest the sample transparent sticky albuminous coat of cancer cells which
make hemameba can reach the cancer cells and attacking the cancer cells.

3) Some studies found the amygdalin is familiar with the NaSCN and NaOCN which can affect thymidine
nucleoside into the DNA of liver tumor cells and tumor cells of phosphate and the absorption of amino acids.

Antidiabetics Effects

The Amygdalin have the function to prevent the diabets effect which caused by antitumor medicine alloxan.Taking
the method of reducing th Blood Glucose on the Diabetic Model Mouses by Alloxan  show that  intraperitoneally
injected into mice 3g/KG amygadlin after 48 hours to testing the  blood glucose. The result show that the amygdalin
can inhibite the blood sugar increase caused by Alloxan specially. The strength is related to the amygalin
concentrations in the blood.

Antihyperlipidemic and Antimutagenicity effect 

The Amygdalin can significantly decrease lipid levels in patients with hyperlipidemia. Spiller (1990 years) think
almond of monounsaturated fatty acids help to reduce patients with moderately elevated blood lipids, without
strictly restricted diet. More Scientific research and development of Amygdalin 98% please check here

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