Anti Diabetes for Ganoderma new progress

            –Polysaccharide can scavenging free radicals and protect the islet cells


Polysaccharide can protect the islet cells in vitro and in vivo experiments by Dr ZhangHuiNa,Medical doctoral student, and her advisor LinZhiBin ( Sep, 2003, Life Science)

The Alloxan will be easy destruction the islet cells. After destruction , the islet cells produce free radicals instead insulin secretion. But in vitro experiments, we find the islet cells who be processed 12-24 hours by Polysaccharide 12  (GI-PS) from fruit body of Ganoderma.will not easy to damage but can prevent the generation of free radicals when meet Alloxan.

Using the rat for testing, we use alloxan to induce the dibetes I. And then using ganoderma polysaccharide gavage for 10days. After that, we find the polysaccharide can improve the concentrate of insulin, reduce blood sugar levels for the rats. More dosage more effective. And we also

found that the content of lipid peroxide in pancreatic gland who taking alloxan rat will be higher than the rat who take ganoderma.  The more number of lipid peroxidase means the more free radical and will be more danger to islet cells. This testing said the ganoderma also can protect islet cells in vivo through the way of scavenging free radicals.

Anti Diabetes for Ganoderma new progress

Anti Diabetes for Ganoderma new progress

Medical report said that free radicals attack pancreatic gland of beta for a long time is another. Mainly cause. From the experiment they found, the pancreatic β-cells all will be died when they meet alloxan. But the ganoderma will protect some of pancreatic β-cells are far away from damage.

Moreover, when alloxan make the injection on the islet cells in vitro by 60mg/kg dosage, after 30 Minutes it will be induce NF-kappaB. The NF-kappaB is protein molecule who lived in  intra-cellular. Its active be proved related the formation of a variety of chronic diseases like diabetes , cancer, aging and etc. But the GI-PS polysaccharide can prevent alloxan incuded NF-kappaB active.

Comprehensive the above experiment, the ganoderma can protect islet cells no mattion in vitro or in vivo. It can prevent damage or reduce the extent of the damage. Effectively remove free radicals is one of the pathways. In past years, our study for function of Ganoder anti-diabetes  mainly focus on Polysaccharide A, B, C can promote glucose utilization and metabolism through stimulate insulin secretion. And ZhangHuiNa experiments provide more complete theoretical basis to Ganoderma for the function of Anti-Diabetes. More Anti Diabetes for Ganoderma new progress Scientific research and development , please check here

Reference: Zhang HN, He JH, Yuan L, Lin ZB.”In vitro and in vivo protective effect of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides on alloxan-induced pancreatic islets damage. Life Sci. 2003 Sep 19;73(18)”2307- 19.

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